Assam Cabinet passes a new accord to get the approval of the native language “Assamese” as the “Official Language” of the state.

According to the Cabinet Ministry of Assam, a new and fresh amendment bill has been launched on the ground of making a final decision on the native language of Assam as the Official Language of the state. Honorable CM of the state Sarbananda Sonowal in a conference recommends that the Indian Central Government has the power to amend Article 345 of the Indian Constitution on the basis of the analysis of the amendment.

In the amendment bill, it is confidentially mentioned that this bill will promote the Mother-Tongue as the state official language of the local as well as regional native inhabitants of the Assamese community. Although the cabinet has further recommended that the Assamese language must be a compulsory language subject which is compelled to launch on, not only Assamese medium regional and local schools of the state but the language is also mandatory to teach in English medium schools up-to 10 standards. In order to promote such a precise decision granted by the Cabinet Ministry targets the administrative districts of the Brahmaputra Valley where the majority of Assamese inhabitants use to speaks their native, as well as local language in lieu of rising insecurities, has been found among the inhabitants of Assam during the Citizenship Amendment Bill ( CAB) which passed in both the Upper House and Lower House of the parliament.

Nevertheless, the proposal of amendment bill is neither mandatory nor it creates any deep impact on the inhabitants of Barak Valley and their schools because the majority of Assamese speaking people are found in the Brahmaputra Valley while the majority of people have to speak in Bengali which significantly reflects the entire socio-cultural and linguistic scenario of the Barak Valley. Contrary to this awful situation there has been the rise of many conflicts and contradiction in between two major linguistic zones especially at the movement of the “Citizenship Amendment Bill ( CAB)”, during the movement it is revealed that the Bengalis of the Barak Valley begun their protest against the Assamese Native people to exploit the socio-cultural heritage and linguistic scenario of the state, therefore, to get rid of the problem the members of Cabinet Ministry of Assam along with other political demagogue and the prominent leaders of All Assam Student Union including Lurinjyoti Gogoi.

With a view to the amendment approval for to establish Assamese as the official language of the state, it will promote such a negative impact on the other people of its neighboring site featuring Bengalis, Nepali, Nagamese Karbi, Khasi, Garo, Missing Tiwa along with their children have to teach the Assamese language separately and efficiently because it is compulsory to teach all the students of Assam either he/she reads in the English and Hindi or Bengali medium school. Demographically, the native language Assamese is not the only dominant language spoken in the Brahmaputra Valley. Although the language where the majority of the people have used as their mother-tongue in lieu of the local language but Assamese thereby spread over the socio-religious culture of the state. Hindus Muslims Anti-Muslims and other groups of cast and community who constitute Jati and Janagusgti referred to as “Axomiya” or Assamese therefore on this behalf the Assam Cabinet Ministry needs to set up a confidential inquiry in order to resolve the crucial problem of the state. Apart from this, the Assamese language of the majority has a responsibility towards other languages spoken by the minority groups.

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