Baghjan OIL well in Assam finally capped after 83 days

Oil India Limited has finally succeeded in capping the Baghjan well by placing Blowout Preventer (BoP) stack on the well head on Monday, 83 days after the blowout occurred on May 27.

Confirming the news, OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said that the BoP stack has been successfully installed and the Athey Wagon has been removed. The next leg of operation to kill the well will be initiated after lying the pipes which will take another 3 to 4 hours. Fluid and chemical mud will be pumped into the well to kill it and douse the fire. Although, it’s a risky operation, the fire will likely be doused within 24 hours if everything goes as planned, added Hazarika.

The development came after two failed attempts on July 31 and August 10, and a day after 4 global experts arrived Duliajan and joined the capping operations.

According to sources the Operation to install BoP was critical, with extreme heat & fire hazard, requiring great expertise. Due to high sound level, sign language was essential to such operations. Hence, a known team, who are familiar with each other with such previous experience, was needed and the decision to fly in 4 more global experts was taken.

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