Eclipse and Pseudoscientific Claims

The partial or total blocking of light of one celestial object by another. An eclipse of the Sun or Moon occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are aligned. In a solar eclipse the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth. In a lunar eclipse the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon.

A Solar Eclipse

There are lot of pseudoscientific claims about eclipses. Unfortunately, some of these answers are highly upvoted. Lets look at them.

“During an eclipse, the combined magnetic force of the Sun, Earth and Moon is strongest and its increased impact can be seen easily by the high tides produced in the ocean.”
Wrong! The moon does not even have a significant magnetic field and the tides are caused only by gravitational tidal forces.

“During an eclipse it has been customary in the ancient times to meditate deeply as the increased celestial magnetic field increases bio magnetism in body.”
there is clearly no biomagnetism during an eclipse. Not only is the magnetic field of the sun and moon imperceptibly weak at earth, the human body does not respond that significantly to magnetic fields either.

“Science has proved that during an eclipse, there is enhanced radiation of ultraviolet and other rays that contaminate food. Although there may not be any immediate reaction, in due course of time, our teeth or digestive system are affected.”
No, science has not “proved” any such thing. During a solar eclipse, sun sends the same rays as usual, some gets blocked by the moon.

“water attracts more radiations, therefore cooked food becomes contaminated during eclipse. To prevent this, tulsi leaves are placed on cooked food to repel radiations.”
Water does not attract radiation. If food gets contaminated by radiation during eclipse due to water, then think about the human body which is half water!

“During eclipse the process of degeneration of food is fastened many folds and that food develops too much of Tamsik property. So not only eating food is prohibited but also prepared food exposed to eclipse should not be consumed.”
But no Biological or chemical processes occur at different speeds during an eclipse.

“In every eclipse Sun , moon and the earth are in one line and that would cause high tides known as spring tides.”
There is no significant difference in tides between eclipse days and normal full moon/new moon days. The small misalignment of the earth’s and the moon’s orbits changes visibility not gravitation.

“During lunar eclipses, what would happen in 28 days over a full lunar cycle is happening in a subtle way over the course of two to three hours of the eclipse. In terms of energy, the earth’s energy is mistaking this eclipse as a full cycle of the moon.… What was nourishing food turns into poison.”
This is from the serial pseudoscience peddler SADHGURU.
No, an eclipse does not make the entire lunar cycle happen in a few hours any more than closing your window and opening it quickly makes a whole day and night pass in that time. Also, his concept of energy is utter bullshit. There is nothing like an “earth’s energy” that is deluded enough to think that a lunar cycle has happened during an eclipse and turns food into poison.

In short, there is no exceptional magnetism, gravitational force, time dilation, radiation or food degradation during an eclipse. If someone wants to fast as a cultural tradition, it harms no one. But please stop making up such utterly ridiculous pseudoscientific explanations. Creating and sharing them only ends up providing threats and misconceptions to the society.

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