FAU-G Fearless And United Guards: Top 5 amazing facts that you should know about it efficiently

Introduction to FAU-G:

The FAU-G game is an alternative game that is newly launched by Indian game developing company nCore Games, co-founded by Vishal Gondal who is also the CEO of GOQII, has announced an “action” game called FAU-G Or Fearless And United: Guards.FAU-G game is being developed under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

Why did the FAU-G Game has been launched?

The main objective of the game has been launched is to touted as the Indian alternative to PUBG Mobile, which has been banned in India earlier this week. Gondal, however, says FAU-G will not compete with PUBG. The game is similar to the PUBG Game. Contrary to this, Co-Founder Vishal Gondal marked on his word that FAU-G was always in the pipeline and we were preparing for an October release. The ban on PUBG Mobile was coincidental, ” Gondal said.

Nevertheless, Gonadal revealed by preparing the high quality and quantity of the upcoming game FUG-G Fearless And United Guards once confirmed that

There’s a belief that Indian game developers can’t produce good quality games, at nCore we want to prove that mentality wrong and bring out games that can compete with international games,” Gondal said. “Our team of developers is highly qualified and capable of developing games as good as PUBG or any other internal games”

What response should the Bollywood Star Akshay Kumar represent on behalf of Game FAU?

According to the report, “He (Kumar) came up with the title of the game, FAU-G,” Gondal said, adding that he expected to win 200 million users in a year.

The launch of FAU-G also comes at a time anti-Chinese sentiment is high in India with traders and entrepreneurs echoing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for an “Atma-nirbhar” or self-reliant India.

Akshay Kumar tweeted on the behalf of the game that “Supporting PM @narendramodi’s AtmaNirbhar movement, proud to present an action game, Fearless And United-Guards FAU-G. Besides entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. 20% of the net revenue generated will be donated to @BharatKeVeer Trust #FAUG”

 Therefore, the FAU-G game is being developed under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

What reactions should the Co-founder Vishal Gondal represent on the basis of the game? 

  Vishal Gondal who is the Co-founder of the game revealed by tweeted as “In response to PM @narendramodi call of #AtmaNirbharApp, @nCore_games is proud to announce our action game Fearless And United: Guards FAU: G with mentorship from @akshaykumar 20% of net revenues donated to @BharatKeVeer trust for India’s Bravehearts  #JaiHind #FAUG #gaming.”

This game was in the works for some months,” Gondal said. “In fact, the first level of the game is based on Galway Valley.”

By keeping in view the game, Clashes in June between Indian and Chinese troops along with a disputed border site in Galway Valley, high up in the Himalayas, left 20 Indian soldiers dead.

When will be the FAU-G Game is expected to be released soon: 

In order to release the FAU-G Games series, Gondal revealed that Gondal together with two other nCore Games co-founders Dayanadhi MG and Ganesh Hegde has been working on three games to release soon. One is a shooting game, which is called FAU-G, second is a cricket game and third is a music game. 

Although by regarding the matter, he confirmed that FAU-G will be released in late October without disclosing the exact date. The music game will be released later this month while the cricket game is set to release around the time IPL begins

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