India crosses 2 million coronavirus case. 1 million cases in just 3 weeks.

India’s official coronavirus case passed 2 million on Friday August 7 after daily jump of more than 60,000. India becomes only the third country to reach the figure after United States and Brazil.

India had its first one million Infections just three weeks ago. The country has now recorded, 2.03 million Infections and 41585 deaths. Experts say the true number maybe much higher.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government imposed strict lockdowns in late March. After tens of millions of migrant workers lost their jobs almost overnight – the restrictions have been Steadily eased.

Individual States and cities have been imposing more localised lockdowns. Previously the main hotspots where New Delhi and Mumbai home to some of the world’s biggest slum. Now small cities and rural areas have begun to see case number rising.

In smaller cities and in rural area people ignore guidelines on social distancing and wearing mask.

Monsoon floods that have affected millions have also hindered efforts to fight the pandemic.

Fear of a new disease as well as fear of isolation and quarantine is stopping people from volunteering themselves for the virus test.

-Barbie Tai Patangia

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