PUBG Ban in India: 5 facts that you should know about it

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Games “PUBG,” says Goodbye to India: 5 Annoying facts that you should know


With a view to the Chinese applications that are getting banned in India in the present-day relevance of the news, it is reported that the main objective of the popular game PUBG is to obtain high accuracy of data privacy of the Indian users. Although India ranked no.1 around the world, on the basis of downloading and installing the royal game PUBG. By spreading the news, downfall of PUBG YouTubers in India especially it affects to those who remain busy to make their streaming videos on PUBG and regularly posted on their gaming YouTube Channels.

90 to 120 Hz frequency rate is required to rationalize the PUBG performance display:

Having a smooth and silky interface of the Android smartphones the gaming performance of the PUBG refresh the power of mobile display at a very high accuracy refresh rate by playing the game which reduces the battery consuming power of the devices and damages the whole circuit of the battery system.

Decline of PUBG Tournaments and Cash prizes:

Due to the getting banned of PUBG games declared by the Indian government PUBG addicted players also participate in the PUBG gaming tournaments and cash contests that offer cash prizes to the winners these activities become popular in India and the local places of the country which got declined by the government.

 Downfall of the enormous E-Sports in India:

PUBG is considered as the modern gateway of developing E-Sports platform in India because it provides a new development trend of Electronic sports culture in the present-day relevance of the teenager society however mostly in local areas of the country a crowd of modern youngsters gets addicted via playing these valueless games and reduces their valuable time by spending a day on it. Now there is  no problem to get rid of this situation because the government of India declared to banned all the powerful illegal apps with featuring PUBG.

Demolished of PUBG Gaming Youtube Channels:

Youtube Channels are getting banned particularly those channels whose streaming videos are related to the PUBG games. In spite of this problem, Youtubers of these channels getting a heavy loss to gain huge subscribers to those who love this game. Due to this, Google Ads are disabled and being restricted in terms of displays ads on these channels.  

 PUBG manufacturing smartphones are gets banned:

PUBG gaming smartphones which become popular in India now it’s get banned like AsusROG, Blackshark, and others begin their global market in order to distribute their products to enhance their gaming business in a more commercial way to claim buyers all over the country.

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