The kind man from Jorhat who rescued a poor, blind, homeless boy.

Dhruba Dutta a resident of  Jorhat, #Assam once  found a poor blind boy sitting on the road at 10 pm a couple of days ago. The boy named, Lakhyajit asked Mr Dutta for something to eat, Dutta without any hesitation went home and packed his dinner for the boy.

But what he saw as he returned to the boy was deeply saddening. Lakhyajit was surrounded by four street dogs who were constantly barking. He was crying helplessly since he couldn’t shoo them away. Mr Dutta, kicked his fear of “corona” and brought Lakhyajit home. He gave him a good shower and changed his dirty clothes. Mrs Dutta fed Lakhyajit dinner and let him sleep in their drawing room. Next day, Lakhyajit got a good haircut from Dutta’s son.

Although Dutta and his family insisted Lakhyajit to stay with them for few more days, he didn’t agree to, saying it will affect Mr Dutta’s own work and life.

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